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The Story


MJATI is a clothing brand that focuses on Embroidered apparel.

(Embroider Definition: Add fictitious or exaggerated details to make it more interesting.) 

Based in Carmel, California, founded by Matin Khani, using unique craftsmanship and creativity I hope to bring people together and outside doing what they love, with who they love. Striving to focus on affordable quality pieces, with the following belief that each garment will carry a story that only you can write.

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About me

I am Matin, founder of MJATI. Growing up I’ve always been inspired by my mother, Masheed. Her experience with stitch work and passion for arts and design motivated me to push for something bigger than we imagined. Since 2021, I’ve been determined to bring MJATI to life and create a clothing line that we are proud of.

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